английский язык 4 класс 23.01.2018

Выбери и обведи соответствующие слова в скобках, чтобы закончить предложения.We are beginning our lesson. (Open/close) your books, please.
2. Listen to (us/we)!
3. Hello, John!(Where/When) are you going?
4. The teacher’s table is usually (behind/in front of) the pupil’s desks.
5. (What/Who) is there in the garden? - There are my children there.
6) The birds (are/is) on the tree.Соотнеси слова с противоположным значением в двух колонках.1.upstairs a) messy2. never b)downstairs3. finish c) on the left4. tidy d) after5. Before e) begin6. on the right f) always1____________2_____________3_____________4______________5______________6______________Чтобы закончить предложения, впиши в них соответствующие предлоги оn или in 1. Who is sitting ___________ the armchair?
2. The cat is sleeping _______________the chair.
3. Next ___________ the piano you can see a sofa.
4. The carpet is ____________the floor.
5. My cousin is ____________ my left.
6. What can you see____________ the photo?Составь вопросы из этих частей.your question Can they answer _____________________________________________________________________?water Is there in the jug some _____________________________________________________________________?they Can English speak _______________________________________________________________?he What does have in the afternoon________________________________________________________________?The girls singing are_____________________________________________________________________?What see can you ___________________________________________________________________?Прочитай текс и обведи верные утверждения.
Mr and Mrs Finn live on the farm. They have a big house with five rooms in it. They have a lot of animals on the farm. There are two cows, a horse and three sheep there. Their dog Lord doesn’t live in their house. There is a doghouse for Lord. Now Lord is sleeping in the doghouse.
1. The Finns have a little house.2. They have five animals.3. Their animals live on the farm.4. The dog’s name is Lord.5. It lives in the street.6. Now Lord is sleeping in the house.

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