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Билет 8
There could not be any development without inventions. Modern world can be called the world of technology, but the way to this title was rather long. Nowadays there are numerous laboratories discovering something new on a daily basis, but there are some inventions that date back centuries, but are still the core of the modern science. Almost all of contemporary discoveries have been based on previous inventions, so we should give credit to those talented inventors, who laid the foundation for our comfort. Let us remember the most crucial inventions and their creators, who paved the way to our easy-going life.
Steam engine invention can be called a key to our modern transportation and industries. Though we use more developed engines nowadays, all of them work in the same way – burning fuel is conversed into kinetic energy. James Watt is considered to be a leading inventor of steam engine, but there are numerous successors, who were improving it decade after decade. This invention had a dramatic impact on the world industry allowing factories to be free from water power, developing coal industry, increasing the speed of trains and becoming a core of modern transportation system.No doubt that the Internet is one of the most recent and essential inventions of the mankind. This network aims at connection of thousands of other smaller networks that create a global network. Created by the Americans in 1973 it was initially used for connection of University networks and spread to Europe only in 1989. What is the Internet exactly? It is an interconnection between various networks established across optical fibres, telephone lines and radio links. Each particular machine has a unique address. The necessary data travels from one gateway to another till its destination machine. The Internet is an indispensable helper with the wealth of diverse information available at the click of a mouse and provided thousands of different opportunities to all people.
These are only some of the greatest world’s inventions worth mentioning. They have determined the way of humanity development and set the grounds for further innovations.

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