учебное задание №6-1

Раздел 4.
Учебное задание №6 - Read through these examples of hyperbole and understatement and compare them:
“It must have been that caviar”, he was thinking. “That beastly caviar”. He violently hated caviar. Every sturgeon in the Black Sea was his personal enemy (A. Huxley).
Calpurnia was all angles and bones; her hand was as wide as a bed slat and twice as hard (H. Lee).
This boy, headstrong, willful, and disorderly as he is, should not have one penny of my money, or one crust of my bread, or one grasp of my hand, to save him from the loftiest gallows in all Europe (Ch. Dickens).
They were under a great shadowy train shed… with passenger cars all about and the train moving at a snail pace (Th. Dreiser).
Her eyes were open, but only just. “Don’t move the tiniest part of an inch” (J. Salinger).
The little woman, for she was of pocket size, crossed her hands solemnly on her middle (J. Galsworthy).
The girls were dressed to kill (J. Braine).
We danced on the handkerchief-big space between the speakeasy tables (R.Warren).
He was, he said, rather a precocious little boy… (H. Welles).
Four loudspeakers attached to the flagpole emitted a shattering roar of what Benjamin could hardly call music, as if it were played by a collection of brass bands, a few hundred fire engines, a thousand blacksmiths' hammers and the amplified reproduction of a force-twelve wind (A. Saxton).
The car which picked me up on that particular guilty evening was a Cadillac limousine about seventy-three blocks long (J. Baldwin).
And if either of us should lean toward the other, even a fraction of an inch, the balance would be upset (O. Wilde).
Her family is one aunt about a thousand years old (Sc. Fitzgerald).
Babbitt's preparations for leaving the office to its feeble self during the hour and a half of his lunch-period were somewhat less elaborate than the plans for a general European War (S. Maugham).
She wore a pink hat, the size of a button (J. Reed).

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