Контрольная работа менеджмент 1 курс

Контрольная работа № 2 (пробная)
I. Заполните пропуски, раскрыв скобки:
1. When (go) to Paris, will you see Nadia?
2. I know you don’t but imagine, if we (live) in Paris, (become) bored of all the beautiful wine and food?
3. If your partner (lie) to you, what (do)?
4. You always drive too fast and the police (arrest) you if they (see) you.
5. He’s already done it three times and if my boss (insult) me again I (leave) my job.
6. If Reagan (not be) a film star, he (not become) President.
7. Fiona (win) the game if she (concentrate harder).
8. If my computer (not crashed), I (finish) my work.
9. You (ask) him to sign his papers before he (leave) the office.
10. Nobody (burgle) your house if you (lock) the door.
II. Выберите правильный вариант ответа:
1. “Romeo and Juliet” … by William Shakespeare.
a) is written b) was written c) has been written d) wrote
2. … that he was a great athlete when he was young.
a) It is said b) He is said c) He was said d) He says
3. He … be rich. He never has any money.
a) must b) shall c) could d) can’t
4. Where’s Mary? She … be here by now.
a) could b) might c) ought to d) shall
5. … you lend me some money, please?
a) Shall b) Could c) Must d) Would
6. The blue dress is … the black one.
a) least expensive of b) less expensive c) more cheaper d) less expensive than
7. This box is … than the other one.
a) heavier b) heavy c) heaviest d) the most heavy
8. My sister’s hair … very long.
a) were b) are c) is d) will
9. She bought a … coat yesterday.
a) brown lovely leather b) lovely brown leather c) lovely leather brown d) love brown leather
10. Neil spent the … night revising for his exam.
a) all b)most c) whole d) much
11. I’d like three … of jam, please.
a) bottles b) cartons c) slices d)jars
12. This shampoo … of roses.
a) smells b)is smelling c)has been smelling d) smelled
13. She … poor, but now she is rich.
a) had to be b) used to be c)would be d) has been
III. Переведите предложения с русского на английский:
1. Моя специальность – «Менеджмент организации», на данный момент очень востребованная в управленческой сфере.
2. Чтобы стать квалифицированным специалистом в своей области, мне нужно специализироваться в финансах и кредите, налогах и налогообложении, менеджменте, экономике, управлении предприятием, а также иметь представление о спортивном менеджменте.
3. Управление персоналом – одна из важных особенностей работы менеджера. Нужно всегда уметь найти общий язык с людьми и быть очень коммуникабельным (sociable).
4. Чтобы реализовать себя в профессии менеджера, нужно быть целеустремленным, активным, иметь быструю реакцию и живой ум, уметь анализировать рынок спроса и предложения, отдавать много времени своей работе и всегда иметь актуальные сведения о работе менеджеров зарубежом.
IV. Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами:
1. Could I … to you for a minute?
2. He… here for five years now.
3. Rome … in a day.
4. Who is the woman… the picture?
5. How… sugar do you take in your tea?
6. Before he went to England he … tons of guide books.
7. I was looking for my hat but I couldn't find it … .8. I can't … the last song they were playing.
9. I used to … early in the morning.
10. He is … a nice man.
11. He said that he … her the news the day before.
12. Because of her behaviour she now has … friends than before.
13. You should ask her … .
14. He spent five years in … .
15. This book contains lots of … on Charles Dickens.
Had told, was not built, information, politely, such, remember, much, has been working, prison, get up, fewer, anywhere, in, talk, had read,

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