Insert the Present or Future Indefinite

Insert the Present or Future Indefinite
When you _________ to Martin, we shall often meet. (to be married)
Wait here, in case I ________ you. (to want)
Where ________ you ________ when the lesson _________? (to go, to be over)
Give me the railway guide? And I’ll tell you when he _______ here tomorrow. (to be)
You _________ here till it _________ time to go home. (to stay, to go)
If you ______ me who you are I ______ the dog on you. (to tell – negative, to set)
I am going abroad next week. I don’t know when I ____ back. (to be)
My father-in-law is asleep… As soon as he _____, he will, I know want to see you. (to wake)
I _________ Blackstable till I ________ your wife. (to leave – negative , to see)
You must wait, my friend, before you _____ an answer to that question (to get)
Will you wait a minute while I _____________ the manuscript? (to look through)
If you ________ not to tell mother, I ________ you something. (to promise, to tell)
I am sure you’ll like him, when you ______ him. (to see)
Heaven know when your poor child ______ England again. (to see)
“Do they know when he _______ in?” he asked. (to be)
The day will come when you _______ why I am silent even to you. (to know)

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