Three little pigs

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First pig Second pigStepanchuk Kate Third pig Wolf Red riding hood Pidopryhora Liza narrateSlobodyanyuk Ira The Three Little GigsFrom REVOLTIND RHYMES NOBELCLEVERcourteousPIG A pig who’d built his house of STROW.That pig has had his chips. The little pig began to pray ,But Wolfie blew his house away. This one pig had been built of TWIGS! Oh Wolf, you’ve had one meal!Why can’t we talk and make a deal? And soon the pig was in his belly.Not on your nelly! Two juicy little pigs!But still I am not satisfied!I know full well my Tummy’s bulging,But oh, how I adore indulging. But this one, Piggy Number Three,Was bright and brainy as could be. No straw for him, no twigs or sticks.This pig had built his house of BRICKS. You’ll not get me!I’ll blow you down! If I can’t blow it down,I’ll can blow it up instead.I’ll come back in the dead of nightAnd blow it up with dynamite!Wolf huffed and puffed and blew and blew.The house stayed up as good as new. PiggyRed Riding HoodHello. Who’s speaking? Who?Oh, hello Piggy, how d’you do?I need your help, Miss Hood!Oh help me, please! D’you think you could? My darling Pig, my sweet,That’s something really up my street.I’ve just to wash my hair.But when it’s dry, I’ll be right their. A short while later, through the wood,Came striding brave Miss Ridding Hood.The Wolf stood there, his eyes ablazeAnd yellowish, like mayonnaise. Ones more the maiden’s eyelid flickers.She draws the pistol from her knickers.Once more, she hits the vital spot,And kills him with a single shot. Well done, Miss Riding Hood! Ah, Piglet, you must never trustYoung ladies from the upper crust.

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