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Battle of Geeks
“Battle of Geeks” aims at broadening the horizon of students in Civil Engineering.
Engineers from all disciplines and years of study are eligible to participate.
Each game will be related to specific topic in Civil Engineering area. Prior to the game participants will receive email containing reading material for round 1 and 3. Please notice that in order to prepare for round 3 students should study general material associated with the topic besides provided reading material (ex. if the topic of game is ‘Tunnels’ then you should read information about tunnels on Wikipedia or other general knowledge sites).
ONE winner team will be awarded on games 1, 2 and 3. Team standings will be recorded every game. Best four teams will take part in the Final game.
NB: For the Final game the rules and regulations of “Battle of Geeks” will be different.
Format of the game:
Round 1
15 question on a given paper
30 seconds for each question
10 points for each right answer
Round 2
A short video on a topic will be played
15 questions based on information from video
30 seconds for each question
+10 points for each right answer and -10 points for a wrong answer
Round 3
4 best teams will participate
Teams will answer to the questions one by one in accordance with descending order of their results
15 general questions on a topic
30 seconds will be given, in case of a wrong answer (or no answer) the next team will have a chance to answer
10 points for each right answer
Correct answers will be announced after each round and participants will have a chance to appellate.
Schedule of the games:
26th September, 2014 – game 1
10th October, 2014 – game 2
24th October, 2014 – game 3
7th November, 2014 – Final game
The date of the games could change and you will be informed about it beforehand.
Venue and time: TBA
For additional information please check your e-mails.
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If you have any questions you can write to [email protected]

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