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A Choose the correct form of the verb in brackets to complete this e-mail.To: Jake Williams
Subject: EstoniaHi Jake
Sorry for not replying to the e-mail you _____ _________ 1 (have sent /sent) last week. I _____ _________ 2 (am / have been) on business to Estonia for a week and only _____________ 3 (returned / have returned) yesterday.
The visit ______________ 4 (didn’t start / doesn’t start) well though! Unfortunately my bus to the airport was late and I ______________ 5 (almost missed / have almost missed) the plane. Anyway, I had a good time and I am already planning another trip!
Best wishes
CarinaB Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets.
6The company _____________________________ (never / spend) more than $1.4m on marketing.
7My colleague _____________________________ (travel) to Germany on business next week.
8At the moment we _____________________________ (develop) a new logo.
9The 14.13 train to Milton Keynes _____________________________ (usually / leave) London Euston from platform 5.
C Complete the sentences using the correct alternatives.
10Write down your contact details there and I ___________________________ you a brochure.
a) sendb) will send c) am sending
11I ___________________________here since 1995.
a) have workedb) am working c) work
12We nearly ___________________________bankrupt in the summer.
a) had gone b) have gone c) went
13I’ve decided what to spend my redundancy money on. I ___________________________ my own business.
a) am going to startb) start c) would start
D Complete the gaps in the article with the correct alternatives.
Consultants Manley and Sons ______________________14 (had published / published) a report yesterday, which ______________________ 15 (praised / has praised) BiTe logistics for its excellent environmental record. Since 1999 the company ______________________16 (has won/won) five major environmental awards.
The company currently ______________________ 17 (employs / is employing) eight thousand people. A spokesman for the company ______________________ 18 (was announcing / announced) last week that it ______________________ 19 (has planned / was planning) to take on one hundred more staff at sites around the country. Managing Director Nadja Pal ______________________ 20 (said / says) in an interview several months ago that there ______________________ 21 (isn’t being / hadn’t been) plans to expand any of the sites, but during an interview yesterday she ______________________ 22 (mentioned / was mentioning) that discussions recently ______________________ 23 (took place / are taking place) about possible developments to a plant in Dudley.
The company ______________________ 24 (has come / came) a long way since its early days. Nadja said ‘at the start we ______________________ 25 (hadn’t got / weren’t having) much money, but we ______________________ 26 (always tried / were always trying) to run our business as ethically as we possibly ______________________ 27 (must / could).’ Their experience ______________________ 28 (is showing / shows) that ethics and success go hand in hand!
A Match the words (a–k) to their definitions (29–37). The first one has been done for you.
0a person / company that pays people to work for thema)trainer
29a person / company that produces goodsb)customer
30a person who you work withc)CEO
31a person who buys a product / serviced)manufacturer
32the highest ranking person in a companye)employer
33a person who is paid to work for someone elsef)consultant
34a person who gives adviceh)employee
35a person who learns a skill from someone elsei)colleague
36a person who supervises youj)trainee
37a person who teaches others a skillk)line manager
B Complete these sentences with the correct form of the word given in brackets.
38I work for a large _____________________________ (organise) that has offices all over the world.
39What is their best-selling _____________________________ (produce)?
40We need to discuss our prices at the _____________________________ (meet) next week.
41All new employees must complete a one-month_____________________________ (train) course.
42The call centre takes phone calls from over 2,000 _____________________________ (custom) a day.
43Were you pleased with the outcome of the ______________________ (negotiate)?
44It’s important for companies to deal effectively with______________________(complain).
45The government is bringing in new ______________________ (regulate).
46The Co-operative Bank is well-known for its policy of ethical ______________________ (invest).
47Does your company offer any form of ______________________ (compensate) for poor quality goods?
48Have you found a ______________________ (solve) to your problems yet?
49There is huge ______________________ (compete) in this region.
50What ______________________ (choose) do I have?
51 We’ve got the ______________________ (threaten) of redundancy hanging over us.
C Complete the gaps in these sentences with the correct alternative.
52He ______________________to review quality procedures.
a) delayedb) arranged c) failed d) insured
53Each person will receive a ______________________ according to their sales performance.
a) turnoverb) bonus c) discountd) commission
54I’m afraid I won’t be able to ______________________ the next meeting.
a) attendb) propose c) secondd) go
55You should comply with all ______________________ to enable the delivery to go smoothly.
a) regulationsb) surveys c) customsd) tariffs
56We are looking for handcrafted products not ______________________ ones.
a) long-lastingb) mass-producedc) well-knownd) high-quality
57The product comes with a two-year ______________________ .
a) warranty b) compensation c) subsidyd) cover
58My boss would never accept a ______________________
a) bribeb) corruption c) compensationd) fraud
59We’ve found a ______________________ in the market.
a) prosperityb) niche c) quoted) plead

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