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The revolution of dignity, never heard of it?

The rights of the prisoner is a mirror of hu
man rights in the State as a whole.

The absence of an expected result from the "Maidan" today, almost dumb.
Do you r
emember the calls
from the stage on Maidan? Spoke on lustration, change, respect for human rights, European values. Got the same
failure o
f the authorities in the unit: the failure in ensuring the defense and integrity of the country, although the
actions of the aggressor would be provided in advance. And what about the promises, in order not to go take the
rights of a particular prisoner, b
ecause the rights of the prisoner, in our opinion is a mirror of human rights in

ong before the Revolution of Dignity in 1997 Ukraine ratified the Convention on the protection of human
rights and fundamental freedoms. Article 3

of this docu
ment specifies that “no one shall be subjected to
torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

Prisoner Konstantin Litvinenko, (56 years),

has already judged since 2009.

At first it tried to hear the
appeal in the court of Lviv region
. In 2013, this failed.

The criminal case against my brother
is sewn with white thread

on order. The judges of the court of appeal
realizing this, decided not to take responsibility for a long time did not consider this case. The case was submitted

Chervonograd city court of Lviv region. Decided to hear the case on procedural Code of 1960, but rather on
"transitional provisions"

there is a new Code in
Ukraine for two years. First, what did Chervonograd
court chaired by judge
Novosad ,

who once judged me, until the commencement of the proceedings is refused
the request for a jury, though the brother has every right to do," says brother Litvinenko Sergey.

ver time, the court came to consider the case,
Litvinenko lost health: visio
n, hearing. Got arthritis of the
request of the defendant's Commission on integrated medical research, the court

Chervonograd decided to
ct a psychiatric examination, which is for 3 months reduced to superficial examination of one physician or

he proceedings began in fact in 5 years after man landed.

herefore, only 7 August 2014 K. Litvinenko announced, there is not a

sentence, NOTE: the indictment, the
document from which a full
fledged trial

There is still the consideration of all the evidence on all charges, which as much as 10 (articles of the
s from Lviv to Chervonograd, which K. Litvinenko carry
on each court session there and back.

itvinenko wrote to his brother: "Our government is waging war on the Eastern Ukraine, collects baskets for
donations, at the same time, the proceedings throws a
n incredible amount of money on bloated processes.

example on mine. Five years carry one in the car, so even with two machines support, with a dozen guys with

proof vests to
the fourth degree of protection which is protected from the man in the police van.

The next day 8
2014, he was appointed court session on the case. Even in the evening, before the
day while in jail the defendant became il

This revolution of dignity in Ukraine, has not been yet

owever, instead of giving proper medical treatment, the doctor who came into the chamber, gave
"validol" from all diseases, and relatively pain of the prick said "tom
orrow morning will give a written statement."
In the morning, 8.08.2014 for the first 5 years of the defendant being in jail has filed a complaint to the head of
the Lviv remand Galician B.S. with a description of their condition and refuse transfer in Ch

80 at the direction of head of the Lviv remand
Galician B.S., which insisted on the stage, imagine a prisoner in his shorts dragged into the street and thrown into
a paddy wagon.

n getting

to Chervonograd on the bumpy road, already near the court convoy called the ambulance
Litvinenko. Not in prison in Lviv,

in Chervonohrad on call, the doctors had injections and
medications, confirmed the inadequate st
ate of health, presence of pressure 150 to 100.

he trial did not take place. Apparently, seeing the media the court immediately moved on 7 October.

Note, as Litvinenko used orally to announce that he doesn't like, and particularly in writing to the
diagnoses of heart disease, head injuries, arthritis and so on, the administration is scrambling for any reason to
suppress his freedom and rights o
f the dark cell. The first cell he received in 2009 in the first 2 minutes on arrival
at DLI No. 19. So nobody was surprising that immediately after the arrival of the cars with the prisoners in the
lth immediately placed in a punishment cell.

After a review of the State penitentiary service of Ukraine in Lviv region
there are

more questions than answers

According to the press
aine in Lviv
region Miroslav Demkiv, "the penitentiary service here is not to blame". After many years of litigation over a
known criminal authority Konstantin Litvinenko (nicknamed "Kostya
Rambo"), which lasts for 5 years, the court
finally began to take
a guilty verdict Litvinenko that he certainly did not like. He refused to go on the court,
making a statement that feels bad.

How to convince Mr.
emkiw, doctors, measured the pressure, determined that it is in the "Rambo" is 130
80, so the directio
Lviv remand prison decided to take convolving to Chervonograd court. And in the car
escorted sat dressed as expected, but

the way,

the police van,
took off all

clothes, dressed only in his

Seeing such defendant and journal
ists who photographed and filmed, the judge immediately decided to
postpone the hearing in October 2014.

That is, according to
emkiw, his unusual act Konstantin Litvinenko achieved the desired result. And
reminds us that "Kostya
first escaped fro
m prison (he claimed that he wanted there to "enjoy" the Lviv
police officer Igor Pylypchuk), later with shooting foiled an ambush

he Directorate for combating organized
crime in
, but eventually fell into the hands of the same Directorate for

combating organized crime,
Rozhnyativ Ivano
Frankivsk region.

For this position of the State penitentiary service of Ukraine, as noted in the Kharkiv human rights
group, some questions arise:

1) what was still the blood pressure of the defendant

eatening to health or normal?

2) why do employees of the judicial police, which was accompanied by Litvinenko in the paddy wagon, didn't
notice it "session Striptease" and did not prevent him?

s for over 5 years, even if the defendant is even
"criminal authority", why he is, without a court sentence for a very long time behind bars?

These are human rights and European values in Ukraine

We believe that as more publicity about human rights vio
lations in Ukraine is extremely important to us.

Photo and video taken on August 8, 2014 near Chervonograd city court, where the case was heard,

ccording to the public defender Sergey Litvinenko, Konstantin
Litvinenko and other reliable sources.

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