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________________ ________________________________________________ ____________ __________ www . unlnews . П П « І нформаційне агентство «ЮеНеЛ НЮС» ЄДРПОУ 38904610 Свідоцтво про державну реєстрацію інформаційного агентства, як суб’єкта інформаційної діяльності Серія КВ № 332 – 194Р від 06.12.2013 року ПАТ КБ «Приватбанк» р/р 26001053811886 МФО 325321 ЗКПО 38904610 тел. 0913339996 м. Червоноград, вул. Шептицького, 1а , а/с 259 info @ unlnews . net In the USA collect money on the burial place of orphan from Chervonograd (Ukraine) While a sister in Ukraine tries to find out reason of death o f the 17 years old brother that perished under unknown circumstances, receiving family in the USA continues to collect money on the funerals of her brother . Alina and Pavlo Derdy , orphans, studied in Chervonograd general boarding - school. After completion school and receipt to Institution of higher learning, in 2013 Alina knew, that in relation to her brother the process of adoption of the USA citizens is begun. A sister constantly contacted with the brother, then knew the family in that he got in the USA . At the beginning of month the foster - mother of Pavlo called to Alina and reported that Pavlo had shot himself . he was taken away by family , that lived in the State of Luisiana . We continued to intermingle with a brother. He told, that he is okay, and even sent money to me. But in August I lost connection with him. Already in Augusts, 4, 2014, Jessica called to me on my mobile telephone and reported to me, that my brother is not anymore, that he, as though then, shot himself. Then Jessica said, that she would help me in preparation of documents for departure for a border on the funerals of my brother. After it, I was able to contact with fami ly of my brother on Wednesday evening, then Jessica said me, that was not able to help me anymore, and the ashes of my brother will be blown in New York, I said that I was against, as I want my brother had a grave of it is possible to arrive to that. Aft er it I lost connection with Jessica " - Alina talks. began to lift documents. In documents it appeared that Pavlo Derda left on adoption in quite anot her family. Now Аlina expects for the official answers of competent organs in that she appealed. collection of money for the burial place of Pavlo is po sted. - Pasha -- Hope - brought - us - Documents ( ukrainian) : - 60860597_320354906?dl=21 21e37655d77865e6 News Agency : UNL News ( Ukraine) Translation to english be Potencial plus :

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