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History and background of Abercrombie & FitchIn 1892 Abercrombie & Fitch began under the name David T. Abercrombie Co., a small waterfront shop and factory in downtown New York City owned by David Abercrombie. was a former prospector, miner, trapper, and railroad surveyor, originally produced hunting and camping equipment such as shot guns, fishing rods and tents as well as much more in lower Manhattan; Fitch, one of his customers, was a successful lawyer in Kingston, New York, who loved the outdoors. The two men pooled their interests and opened a sporting goods store. Nowadays A&F is And today, Abercrombie & Fitch thrives as a publicly held company. A powerful lifestyle brand, business is thriving at Abercrombie & Fitch with hundreds of stores.Abercrombie & Fitch list their mission statement as, "We are committed to providing comfortable and long lasting clothes that look good" Unique Sales Strategy: Store Layoutcomfortable armchairs designedLarge photos on the wallsextremely loud,energizing trance and dance songsdimmed lightunique A&F’s scent in the store A&F is for Targeting consumers aged 7-25 That is for kids for menfor womenProducts : clothes, accessories, fragrances. Clothes for men Clothes for women Fragrances Presentation of our goods in the sales area The advantages of A&FEmphasis on high level of service, quality, brand imagereasonable price ( That is good value for money)Positioning strategy involves the use of overt sexuality advertising appealto impress a woman, a man at first sight stick to fashion enjoy your wearing Abercrombie & FitchThank you for your attention!!!

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