self-defense of Maidan

Self-defense organization of Maidan is non-political nationwide social movement , voluntary social formation , acting on the basis of self-organization, social solidarity and coordination structures at various levels, composed of Euromaidan activists, organized in self-defense units which are designed to ensure the safety of protesters , the maintenance of public order in the territory, controlled by the activists, and other events. Self-defense organization of Maidan coordinates its actions only with the headquarters of national resistance .Self-defense units began to form at St. Michael's Square in Kiev on the initiative of protesters immediately after the violet disperse of Euromaidan on November 30, 2013. Actually Self-defense organization was formed the next day ,on the 1st of December.On the 7th of February, 2014 the commandant's office of Self- Defense organization of Maidan announced the foundation and expansion of Ukrainian self-defense structures throughout Ukraine. Self-defense organization sets the following objectives:- To preserve the sovereignty and unity of Ukraine ;- To defend the European choice of Ukraine ;- To protect the rights and freedoms of citizens;- To oppose the current criminal regime until its complete removal.According to the Decree № 1 among the major tasks of Self -defense organization of Maidan are the following:- Active opposition to the regime, attempting to establish a full-fledged dictatorship in Ukraine ;- Ukrainian civil rights, such as the right to fair elections and peaceful protest ;- Opposition to imperial influence of the Kreml ;- The fight against corruption and the officials ;- Clearing out the power of criminal and anti- elements;- The maintenance of public order and territories, free from the regime and the expansion of such areas;- Support and protection of new effective public governance practices in the areas free from regime.

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