PURPOSE ACTION PLAN1. To legalize -to have a seal, site, room, transport.2. To identify areas of work:- The prosecutor's office ( criminal investigations , prosecution );- Police, including law enforcement, records of criminal elements ;- Lustration and anti-corruption committees, announcements for all citizens affected by graft and corruption - even in written form they can report of crimes and the facts they know ; draw up a list of corrupt officials ( police , prosecutors , etc.) and those who do not have the right to hold office. Inspect the head offices of regional administration , the governors, the heads of the district administration to check for documents, papers, videos, etc. - need to identify those with the police, who participated as well as the officials, who organized and paid those carcasses in Cherkassy to disperse demonstrations . To make the Prosecution establish and announce wanted the above mentioned violators of law, and the one, who threw the pot on the head of the girl at the demonstration, in January 2014. To announce wanted and to hang the photos of the one, who did it . To allocate people for lustration and Anti-Corruption Committee, including for physical protection and maintenance of power , for room and transport (the latter can be provided by regional administration or City Executive Committee having vacant car park).- Using the Bar of Cherkasy region , as part of law enforcement structures, to advertise that the resonant criminal cases can be viewed. It's also very important to inform people to submit applicationscontacted statements .- The National Bank of Ukraine ( the NBU management in Cherkasy region !) ;- Treasury ( budget money );- Not to deal with pensions and salaries, but to control the chief and the pension fund; - Medicine ;- Education;- Ensuring the functioning of the city and the region (food, housing, sanitation , etc.).3.To identify the authorities and determine the powers (to give the approval of decisions of state authorities, necessary to make).4. To become the participants of negotiations and making decisions of state authorities and local governments, but not to become the political parties, such as the Party of Regions. In this case, public opinion must be defining.It is necessary to decide on matters of principle on which the authorities have no right to make decisions without approval .5. To form the armed protection (considering the situation in the Crimea , the formation of the East Front and the fact, that the President is hiding ) to control and conduct an audit of all arms and ammunition which is in the region - warehouses - Security Service , Ministry of Interior Affairs ( police stations ) weapon manufacturers' shops,etc. To pay attention to non-departmetal protection which is responsible for the safety and protection of the bridge across the Dnieper and armory.6. To get acquainted with parts of border guards if they still exist , to establish a dialogue .7. To co-operate with Military committees . To carry out the work with personnel in terms of attracting dismissed employees of Ministry of Internal Affairs and the military ( paratroopers , marines , etc.) to create regular security detachment and reserve.8. To provide the training of the youth from the former Ministry of Internal Affairs and dismissed troops ( paratroopers , marines , etc.), to involve instructors to train young people ( from the current protesters), to have military cases that , if necessary, in a few hours to have a trained unit of several hundreds (or thousands ) of people, who may be able to use special means and weapons.

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