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I met __ girl at the disco.__ girl was 18.a) a…a b) a…the c) the…a d) the…the
I want __.a) dance b) dancing c) to dance d) dances
____ you married?a) am b) are c) do d) is e) does
I usually __ my Granny __ Saturday.a) visits…on b) visited…on c) visit…in
There __ 30 pupils in our class last year.a) were b) was c) are d) is e) am
__ you go with us next weekend?a) have b) do c) will d) does
We __ watching an interesting movie, when you came.a) was b) have been c) were d) are
He __ working tomorrow at 5 pm.a) will b) will be c) will is d) will does
He already (draw) his picture.a) drawed b) has been drawing c) has drawn d) drawing
I (cook) for 3 hours. I’m so tired!a) have been cooking b) have cooked c) cook d) was cooking
It __ written in the document.a) is b) - c) have d) has
I thought that he __ late.a) would be b) will be c) will d) would
I want __ to be my wife.a) her b) that she c) she d) to she
I __ buy a car if I __ get moneya) will…will b) will…would c) will… - d) - …will
Поставь слова в нужном порядке:a) father b) his c) where d) live e) does f)?
I live in __ Queen street.a) the b) - c) a d) an
How old ____ your mother?a) am b) are c) do d) is
I can… English very well.a) spoke b) speaks c) speak d) will speak
His parents won’t __ him a candy.a) bought b) buy c) buys d) will buy
There __ some apples on the table. a) are b) am c) is
When I was young I (make) up a house.a) make b) had made c) have made d) has made
When I arrived my son (have) dinner.a) havingb) were havingc) was havingd) is having
You (work) in the garden, when I called you?a) were you workingb) did you workc) did you workedd) do you work
I never (see) such a big donut.a) have seenb) saw c) had seen d) had not seen
If we arrive at 10 o’clock, my sister (stiil/cook).a) will have cookedb) have cookedc) will have been cookingd) is cooking
She was afraid that I (not pass) my exam.a) won’t passb) wouldn’t passc) am not passingd) haven’t been passing
Let __ bring me coffee.a) himb) hisc) hed) by himself
She asked might she borrow a book and then she __ it.a) giveb) gavec) was givend) has given
You will be late if you __ hurry up.a) don’tb) would notc) will notd) will
Поставь слова в нужном порядке:
a) first b) your c) what d) name e) is
a) and b) have c) brothers d) you e) do f) any g) sisters ?
SIMPLE TENSE (простое время)
They (read) English books.
I (know) it.
He (study) at school.
You (know) English well.
We (understand) you very well.
She (speak) Russian.
They (play) guitar.
She (have) a house.
He (watch) amazing movie.
I (see) my progress.
She (have\not) a car.
They (study) there.
He (understand) it.
We (live) in Russia.
He (want) to live in Boston.
She (play) with kite.
You (do) it well.
I (learn) Chinese.
He (teach) Biology.
I (want) to be a gangster.
I (stay) at home today.
Their parents (want) to move.
She (have) a pet.
My cat (eat\not) meat.
The birds (sing) a beautiful song.
She (slip) on the bed.
My father (have) a rest.
Children (play\not) football.
He (know) everything.
She (want) to leave abroad.
Harry never (go) to work by bus.
She (like\not) chocolate.
We always (go) to bed early.
Mary (travel) a lot last year.
Mum (buy\not) any gifts yesterday.
Where you (find) this kitten?
What flat she (live) in ?
Ann (stay\not) at home last Sunday, she went to a party.
How is Mary? You (see) her on Monday?
My friend and I (like) to read English books.
I (clean) my room yesterday.
She (wash) the dishes.
You (eat) some chips.
She (leave\not) her town
I have breakfast every morning.
To be
The five (be) number.
My dog (be) ill.
My car (be) broken.
The windows (be) open.
The knowledge (be) the power.
The London (be) the capital of Britain.
He (be) our teacher.
He (be) a good person.
Your English (be) perfect.
The book (be) read.
I (be) doctor.
I (be) a child, when I (be) four, but now I (be) sixteen.
My son (be) at school.
Where (be) your son?
Tom and jerry (be) from America.
We (be) in the car.
She (be/not) my sister.
I (be) there in 5 minutes.
Tomorrow (be) my birthday and I (be) ten.
When you go to school you (be) a pupil.
They (be/not) from Canada.
How old (be) you?
How old (be) he?
What (be) my name?
We (be) a football fans.
I (be) here and you (be) there, and she (be) with you, and he (be) with me.
What time (be) it?
It (be) 8 o’clock.
John (be/not) a pupil, he (be) a student.
Where (be) your friends?
They (be/not) at work.
Your wife (be) very attractive.
The bubble gum (be) so mint.
I (be/not) tall. My stature (be) 157 centimeters.
My brother (be) very clever.
I like this tea. It (be) so tasty.
The studying English (be) very necessary.
It (be\not) a tree.
That (be) my parents yesterday. Do you remember?
My friend (be) the best.
All you need (be) bread.
Those women (be) dolls.
Why (be) you so angry? Don’t (be) angry!
You (be) at school yesterday? Were (be) your lessons?
I (be) a pupil in 2007, and you (be) a pupil in 2007, too. And we (be) pupils.
His car (be\not) very chip.
Ann (be) my girlfriend.
These apples (be) tasty.
Sam (be) married.
When I saw you for the last time, you (be) a clever boy.
They (be) in London this year.
(be) anybody here?
My cat (be) hunter.
The chair (be) broken.
He studies many languages. His new one (be) French.
There (be) twelve students in the group.
There (be) some books on the table.
There (be) a beautiful garden near the house.
There (be) some slice of bread in the bin.
There (be) a big blackboard in the classroom.
There (be) a letter for him on the table.
There (be) no water in the jug.
There (be) two lifts in the house.
There (be) ten pears on the table.
There (be) 300 pages in the book.
There (be) no sweets in the vase.
There (be) a new stadium in the park.
There (be) some fish in the fridge.
There (be) a table in the middle of the room.
There (be) a hospital in the village.
There (be) two oranges in my bag.
There (be) many sentences in the text.
There (be) no apples in the shop.
There (be) much work to do at home.
There (be) pictures in the book.
There (be) mice in the cage.
There (be) a theatre in the town.
There (be) some porridge in the plate.
There (be) Franck books in her library.
There (be) some butter in the basket.
There (be) two cups of tea on the table.
There (be) some milk in the cup.
There (be) a tomato in the salad.
There (be) six balls in the box.
There (be) some cheese on the plate.
There (be) a blue chair at the door.
There (be) five chicks and a hen on the farm.
There (be) some English newspapers in her bag.
There (be) a big window to the left of the door.
There (be) three rooms in our country house.
Перефразируй to be на to have
There (be) TV-set in his room.
There (be) no mistakes in his dictation.
There (be) a garden near his house.
There (be) pictures in her room.
There (be) coffee in my cup.
There (be) a telephone in my flat.
There (be) some sugar in Peter’s tea.
There (be) mugs on my bed.
The students are asked a lot of questions.
He was told an interesting story.
She was visited by her friends.
I will be given a book.
You will be received on wendsday.
They were shown a new film yesterday.
The books were borrowed from the central library.
An interesting problem were discussed at the lecture.
The newspapers are usually brought in the morning.
All the work will be done by automatic machinery.
New houses are built.
The researching will be done by the next week.
The young workers are trained to use the new equipment.
A lot of time is given to the study of the new methods of work.
The lecture was attended by all the students.
At the institute the students are taught many different subjects.
The boy was told to be at home at 6 o’clock.
This road was built last year.
The telegram will be sent tomorrow.
The building will be completed very soon.
Moscow is (large) than Petersburg.
John is (shorter) than William.
Henry is (tall) of all.
This summer is (hot) than last one.
December 22 is (short) day of the year.
This is (beautiful) house in the city.
He is (good) student in the class.
Which is (large) city in your country?
Mathematics is (difficult) for him than physics.
The Volga is on of the (long) rivers in the world.
January is (cold) than March.
Avril lavigne is on of the (famous) Canadian singers.
There were (many) students at the lecture today than yesterday.
The Assemly Hall is (large) room in the institute.
My phone is (loud) than yours.
PRONOUN (местоимение)
This is __ house.A) my b) mine c) me
He likes __ car.A) him b) hers c) his
This dog is __. He love it very much.A) himself b) its c) his
Do you like beer? No, I hate__.A) It b)them c)you
The place belongs to __.A) him b) my c) mine
This pan is __.A) my b) mine c) myself
__ is a secretary.A) his b)they c)she
Today is __ lucky day.A) him b) my c) ours
The idea is __.A) my b) mine c) our
I have a room. __ very small.A) their b) I c) It
__ am a teacher.A) her b) they c) I
These sticks are __.A) them b) hers c) her
I see mr.Brumble. Can you see __ well?A) you b) him c)his
Where is __ mug?A) him b) my c) hers
Will you join __.A) us b) his c) ourselves
If I see Jane, I will tell __ everything.A) his b) her c) to she
This is __ book.A) mine b) hers c) her
__ flat is on the 5th floor.A) him b) my c) mine
AC\DC is __ favorite rock-band. a) mine b) my c) him
I work for a company. __ employees love __job.A)It/their b)her/they c)Its/ their
Подбери местоимение:
What color is the car? – (она) is quite far, I can’t see (её) color.
(Я) love pizza.
What is (твоя) favorite food?
(Я) really like (эти) flowers. Do (тебе) like (они)?
Do (ты) know (того) boy? Yes, (Я) study with (ним).
(Мы) don`t eat tomatoes. (мы) don`t like (их).
(Это) are (мои) sisters. That`s (их) house and (они) clean up here by (сами).
(Это) are (мои) brothers. Look at (них). (Они) are so funny.
Ann and (я) have got the same room . It`s (наша) room.
(Моя) mother is my best friend. I can tell (ей) all (мои) secrets.
Can (ты) see a monkey? (её) cage is so big.
Let (он) give me a book?
(Эта) book has got your name. It`s (твоя) book.
Who`s (эта) girl? What`s (её) name?
Dad, can (я) ask (тебя) a question?
(Моя) car is much cheaper than (твоя) .(Я) bought (её) by (сам).
Little Jane doesn’t like (свое) new dress.
Help (нам) with (нашей) homework.
(Он) sees (свою) car.
(Я) try do it (сам).
The cat is eating (свою) food with pleasure.
Jack always helps (своей) wife to look after (их) children.
(Это) is (моя) aunt and (её) new husband.
All the stories (мой) friend composes by (сам).
(Мы) all remember (наши) holydays.
Please, give the baby (её) toy.
Could (вы) introduce (меня) to (вашим) new friends?
(Мой) mind is not as quick as (ваш) tongue.
Look at (её) eyes. (Они) are beautiful.
How about riding with (нами) in (нашей) new car?
Поставь соответствующее местоимение:
1. __ is a teacher. I like her. 2. __ are a good friend. 3. __ is the table. 4. __ am an engineer. 5. __ is Mr Bramble. 6. __ is a cat. 7. __ is a young man. He likes parties. 8. __ am in London. 9. __ all were at home yesterday. We always watch any movies together. 10. __ loves English culture. She often travels there. 11. He has two books. __ are perfect! 12. His books aren’t yellow. __ are grey. 13. Is __ a student? I see her for the first time. 14. My aunt is perfect woman. __ has two children. 15. Nice to meet you. Are __ from France? 16. __ is your uncle. 17. Her English is amazing, but __ is from China. 18. See that cat? __ is mine. 19. Let’s go to the cinema. __ will watch an interesting movie. 20. __ has done her work very fast and correctly!
Замени подлежащее на местоимение:
1. Ann is not a typist. 2. These men are not miners. 3. Jorge is a student. 4. The dog & the cat are nice. 5. Is the apple sweet? 6. You and I are friends. 7. Jasica is in the room. 8. Mr and Mrs Bramble are married. 9. The town is rather modern. 10. The house is very nice. 11. Mary and John are in the room. 12. The pencil with eraser are on the table. 13. My parents both are at work. 14. Those stories were interesting. 15. The method is good. 16. This situation is very strange. 17. The night was very dark. 18. The cat is on the sofa. 19. My pet runs fast. 20. The exercises were difficult.
Замени выделенные слова на местоимения:
1. Ron gave the book to Harry. 2. Tell the students the answer. 3. My sister & I have got the room of our own. 4. Mary & Kate are engineers by profession. 5. Jane buys the magazines for granny. 6. Kate reads the story for Mary and me. 7. Harry has no parents. 8. His wife with luggage goes to Paris. 9. Peter brought the flowers his mother. 10. My wife sent the letter to my parents. 11. My mum reads these books at home. 12. Don’t show your sister the letters. 13. My siblings gave the boy some apples. 14. Tell your teacher Mr Boby about your life. 15. My employees work on the new mall. 16. Read the new words. 17. My friends & I begin building the career. 18. Put your bag here. 19. My father gives my child some milk. 20. Jam is found of playing tennis.
1. They believe in (they). 2. I bought the car by (I). 3. Look at (you). 4. He told (he). 5. she cut (she). 6. You heard (you) it. 7. She lives here all by (she). 8. He hurt (he). 9. If you want to do it well, do it (you). 10. help (you). 11. The house (it) is very nice. 12. We are looking at (we). 13. Make (you (вы)) at home 14. They are enjoying (they). 15. They blame (they) 16. Explain (you) please! 17. Tell me about (you) everything. 18. I need to check it (I) 19. He peed on (he). 20. She taught (she) to count.
УКАЗАТЕЛЬНЫЕ МЕСТОИМЕНИЯ (this, these, that, those)
1. __ is a beautiful song. 2. I saw a car in the distance. __was a grey minivan. 3. __ monkey stole my banana. 4. Let me introduce you to each other, __is Susan. 5. __ house between trees is mine. 6. What the hell was __ when I entered the room? 7. I don't want to buy __ horrible T-shirt, I want that green one. 8. He lives in __ high house. 9. This guitar is mine and __ is yours. 10. My brother will go to the USA __summer. 11. As long as you are live in __ house you must do as I say! 12. Wow, you look awesome, __ dress really suits you. 13. __ big panda is called Meimei and __ two behind are Tai Shan and Lili. 14. I think I buy __ shoes now. 15. Avoid watering your cactus too much, __ may kill it.
1. They have __ milk. 2. There aren’t __ folders in my bag. 3. My brother doesn’t read __ books. 4. I have seen __ postcards in the souvenir shop. 5. Do you have __ questions? 6. He has __ oranges, but he wants ones. 7. Peter has bought __ books. 8. There is __ ink in my pen: I can’t write. 9. I have __ magazines for myself. 10. We need __ egg and __ milk. 11. You can buy __ posters in the shop. 12. Give me __(+thing) to drink. 13. I don’t have __ sugar. 14. Are there __ new pupils in your class? 15. There are __apples on the table. Where are they?
16. Have you lost __(+thing) ? 17. I hope you keep my secret and tell __ (+body) about it. 18. I have __ tea in the cup. 19. She always takes __ sugar with her coffee. That is Why she is fat. 20. We don’t have __ bread. 21. I didn’t understand __ (+thing) . 22. We need __ bananas. 23. Kate doesn’t have __ sweets. 24. There is __(+body) at home. Again! 25. Mary has __ sweets. 26. Gerry hasn’t __ mistakes in his test. 27. Please, bring me __ apples, Mary. 28. Do you know __(+thing) about me? 29. Could you buy __ grapes, please? 30. I have to eat almost __(+thing). I am on hard diet.

Запиши цифрами:
It’s three o’clock.
It’s a quarter past eight.
It’s ten thirty.
It’s five to five.
It’s nine twenty five.
It’s twenty-five to eleven.
It’s two to two.
It’s eleven twenty-five.
It’s five past eight.
It’s twelve thirty-five.
It’s seven thirty
It’s five to ten
It’s one to one
It’s a quarter past three
It’s eight forty-five
It’s ten past eleven
It’s a quarter to three
It’s four thirty-five
It’s twelve o’clock
It’s two fifty-five.

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