phonetics. exam issues

Phonetics as a Science
The Organs of Speech and their Work. Active and passive organs of speech.
The Sounds of Speech. Sounds and Phonemes
Vowels and consonants
Consonants. Principles of classification
Modification of consonants in connected speech. Assimilation
Vowels. Principles of classification
Modification of vowels in connected speech. Reduction.
Syllable Structure. Syllable Formation
Syllable Structure. Syllable Division
Lateral, nasal and loss of PlosionManifestation of Word Stress and Its Linguistic Function
The Degrees and the Position of the Word Stress
Manifestation of Intonation and Its Linguistic Function
Basic Intonation Patterns. Classification of Intonation Patterns.
The anatomy of intonation patterns.
Intonation of statements.
Intonation general questions.
Intonation of commands and requests
Intonation of special questions
Intonation of exclamations
Intonation of enumeration
Intonation of alternative questions and disjunctive questions.
Intonation of parentheses and reporting phrases and direct address.
Intonation of direct address.
Tempo of speech
Sentence Stress.
Types of styles.
Stylistic use of intonation.

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