Phonetic as a science

Ph.- the science of speech sounds and the art of pron.-n. In widest sense its 'science of voice'. This is one of the main sections of linguistics, the word 'phonetics' comes from the Greek 'phonetikos' - sound,voice (phone-sound).
Disringuished general phonetics and phonetic of a particular languages.
1) General phonetic studies the patterns of the different language of the world, and is the basis for the phonetic analysis of any particular language.
2)Russian language, like any other lang of the world, has its phonetic features that form the phonetic system of the russian phonetic.
* 3 aspects of phonetic:
1) anatomical and phych-l (articulation)-which organs are involved in the pron-n of speech/ active or passive voice box; do lips stretched forward or not.
2) acoustic (physical)- considering sound as vibration in the air and captures (фикс) his physical char-s: frequency (частоти) (high), strenght (amplitude), duration.
3) functional aspect (phonological) study function of sounds in lang.

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