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An outstanding person
Spending holidays
Learning English
TV in our life
Friends and friendship
Mass Media
Books in your life
Going to the cinema
Native city
Russian Federation
English-speaking countries
TRAVELLING.Modern life is impossible without travelling. It is very popular nowadays. If you travel a lot, you can learn something new about places where you travel. Travelling around our country you get information about its history and culture. When you go abroad you visit places of interest there, go to museums, meet new people and have the opportunity to speak foreign language.
There are different ways of travelling. Travelling by plane is the fastest way of travelling. You can get wherever you want very quickly. But it’s also the most expensive and sometimes it is rather dangerous.
If you travel by train it takes you more time to get where you want. Modern trains are very comfortable. You can see beautiful landscape out of the windows of the train and make new friends during the way.
A lot of people prefer travelling by car. This way of travelling has a lot of advantages. It’s not very expensive. You can make a stop when you are tired. You can visit a lot of different places. But sometimes it’s rather boring to travel by car.
Some people like to spend their holidays in the forest. They go there either by car or on foot. They put tents near lakes or rivers, go fishing and boating, gather mushrooms and berries and cook food on fire. They like to spend time outdoors and not to have many neighbors.
As for me, I like travelling very much. As a rule, my family and I travel by plane if we go far away. I’ve visited a lot of foreign countries: Turkey, Spain, Italy, France and others. I visited old churches and cathedrals, museums and exhibitions there. I also practiced my English. In summer we often go somewhere by car. We book rooms at hotels ourselves and stay some days there.
Travelling is very interesting. I’m happy that I have an opportunity to travel.
SPENDING HOLIDAYS.It goes without saying that holidays are the best time in a year. All children like it because they don’t have studies and don’t go to school. People who work every day like to have rest, too.
There are different ways of spending holidays. A lot of children go to the country with their parents or grandparents. Most pupils spend their holidays in sport camps if they go in for sports or to children camps. You can travel somewhere or stay in the city. You can spend holidays with friends, relatives or alone. Each way of spending holidays has advantages and disadvantages.
Nowadays travelling has become very popular. A lot of people travel around their country or abroad. You get information about places where you go, its history and culture, about their way of life, meet new people while travelling. It’s also a good way to practice foreign language. But travelling abroad is rather expensive. Not many people can afford it.
It’s boring to spend holidays at home. You stay alone, watch TV or play computer games. But if your friends are in the city too you can visit different places of interest or go for a walk. Our city is so big that there are a lot of places that are worth seeing.
Speaking about my adventure holidays I can mention our winter trip to ski resort. My family and I go in for mountain skiing. So, we always spend winter holidays at ski resorts in Finland, in Sweden or in Russia. This winter we went to Andorra. This country is situated in the Pyrenees. It was a long journey. First, we went to Finland by car. Then we flew to Barcelona by plane. We rented a car in the airport of Barcelona and went to Andorra. We lived in the comfortable apartments. We went skiing practically every day. The weather was sunny. I can say that I liked Andorra very much. It’s a very beautiful country. One more thing that makes holidays interesting is a good company. We always spend our holidays with our friends. During this trip we visited a lot of places of interest in Andorra and Spain and skied a lot.
I like holidays very much. I always have a lot of impressions after holidays.
GOING TO THE CINEMA.It goes without saying that watching films is one of the most popular kind of entertainment. We can watch films at home or go to the cinema. Many different films are released every year. They differ in artistic value as well as in genre. There are films based on novels with historical events. Some people enjoy musicals. Musicals are films with songs and dances. Thrillers are films describing some dramatic events usually connected with crime. Horror films are films with mysterious events, ghosts and monsters. Science fiction films offer viewers flying saucers, space battles and planet explosions. Some people prefer comedies. Many films nowadays raise urgent problems facing contemporary society (современное общество), ecology, ethnic problems, politics and moral, increasing crime rates. Films help us to study these problems, to see our drawbacks (недостатки) and understand our life better.
As for me, I like going to the cinema very much. I go there with my friends practically every week and watch films of different genres. The best film I have recently seen was the new 3-D version of «Titanic». I watched it together with my friends and I can say that it impressed us greatly. This film is about real historical events during the voyage from England to America on board the “Titanic” in 1912. It was released in 2001 in America. Last year it was released again new format. This film is not only about historical events. It is also about love of young people. They met on board the ship and fell in love with each other. The end of the film is not happy as it is usual for American films. The main character dies. This scene impressed the spectators greatly. The film is about true feelings, about honesty and devotion, about betrayal and villainy. The new version of the film is very realistic. I can offer my friends to watch it.
LEARNING LANGUAGES.The most popular language in the world is English. More than 750 million people in the world speak English. Nowadays it is a world language. It is spoken as the mother-tongue in Great Britain, the United States of America, Canada and New Zealand and a lot of people speak English in China, Japan, India, Africa and other countries.
It is the language of computers, science, business and politics. It is the language of the sport and beauty worlds, the official language of the Olympics and the Miss Universe competition.
English is studied as a foreign language in many schools all over the world. We can’t imagine an educated person who doesn’t speak a foreign language. Some people learn languages for their work, others for travelling abroad and for some people studying a language is simply a hobby.
Knowing language opens doors to visiting different countries and helps to communicate, to understand and to be understood by the people. Furthermore, it develops our mind.
I like studying English. I work a lot with the computer and especially on the Internet and everything is in English. I also would like to read books of great writers in English and to watch TV programs in English. I like travelling and I’d like to talk to people from different countries and understand their culture and traditions. Speaking English I can travel everywhere.
At school we have English lessons four times a week. I like these lessons because they are very interesting, informative and educational. We learn grammar, listen to the CDs, retell, role-play dialogues, practice our pronunciation and write compositions.
I also learn German with private teacher at home. It is very interesting to know more than one foreign language and to compare them. When I travelled to Germany during my autumn holidays I spoke German there.
The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. Its total area is about 17 million square kilometers. The country is washed by twelve seas and three oceans (the Pacific, the Arctic and the Atlantic). Russia borders on 18 states. Georgia, Norway, Ukraine and Finland are among them. It also has a sea-border with the USA and Japan.
There are steppes in the South, plains and forests in the Midland, tundra and taiga in the North, highlands and deserts in the East. There are two million rivers in Russia. The Volga is the biggest river in Europe but it is smaller than many rivers in Siberia. Russia is rich in beautiful lakes. The world’s deepest one is Lake Baikal.
There are several mountain chains on the territory of Russia: the Urals, the Caucasus, the Altai are in the Far East.
Russia has one-sixth of the world’s forests. They are concentrated in the European North, in Siberia and in the Far East.
In the vast territory of the country there are various types of climate: arctic, subtropical, temperate and continental. Russia is rich in natural resources such is coal, oil, iron ore, natural gas, copper, nickel and others.
Russia is a parliamentary republic. The Head of the state is the President. The State Duma and the Soviet of Federation has the legislative power.
The population of Russia is about 140 million people. The capital of Russia is Moscow. It is the largest political, scientific, cultural and industrial center. It is one of the oldest Russian cities. Moscow was founded in 1147 by Yuri Dolgoruky.
The state symbol of Russia is a 3-coloured banner. It has 3 horizontal stripes on it: white, blue and red. The other symbol is the double-headed eagle. The hymn of Russia is “The Patriotic Song”. The Birch Tree is a symbol of Russia, too. The Russian people are very talented. Many of them are well-known in the world.
Personally, I feel that we all live in a great and rich country. We should be proud of our long history, rich traditions, unique culture and our Russian spirit.
FRIENDS AND FRIENDSHIP.We can’t deny the fact that a person can’t live in isolation. It’s necessary for the human being to have a friend with whom one can be sincere and outspoken. It helps a lot when you know that there is someone thoughtful of you and not indifferent to you in this vast world.
It’s great to think that there is someone who will stand by you in any situation, who will help you and give you advice, who will tell you the bitter truth, if necessary.
More often we make friends with people with whom we have a lot in common. It’s pleasant to spend time with someone who shares your opinion, who has the similar interests. But sometimes friends can differ in character.
As for me, I’ve got a lot of friends. Some of them are my classmates. I also spend holidays in camps and have a lot of friends there. As for my best friend, his name is Timur. He is 15. He’s a tall boy with fair hair and blue eyes. I think he is rather handsome. He was my classmate for 3 years but then he moved to another flat and changed school. I was very sorry about it but we still communicate with him and we are good friends. We have much in common with Timur. He is very energetic and he likes taking part in different activities. He is attentive and studies well. He is a good friend. He likes sharing things and helps me in any situation. He isn’t bossy at all. I’m never boring when I’m with Timur. We often go to cinemas and theatres. We visit museums. We can spend time at home speaking or watching videos. I am happy to have such close friend.
BOOKS IN YOUR LIFE.Nowadays we can’t speak about the great role of books in our life. There are new technologies which provide people with information. That’s why people read fewer books. But neither TV nor computer can be compared with books. When you read books you can learn something new. There are different kinds of books: historical, science fiction, modern or romantic stories. All kinds of books can give you new information. Moreover, reading develops your mind and your grammar skills. Reading books you get emotions that you can’t get watching TV, for example. You imagine the characters of the book and the situation. You get new feelings and develop your creative abilities. When you finish reading a book you think about it for a long time and often discuss it with your friends.
Children like listening when their parents read stories to them. They also enjoy looking at bright pictures in books. As for me, my mother read a lot of books to me when I was a little boy. When I was 5 I learned to read myself. But I can’t say that I liked reading. I began reading books with pleasure only when I was 10. I prefer reading detective stories and adventure stories. I don’t like reading fairy-tales. My favorite book is about Sherlock Holmes by Conan Doyle. I think it’s a classical detective story written with fantasy and humor.
There is great variety of books nowadays. Everyone can choose a book according to his or her interests and desire.
ENGLISH-SPEAKING COUNTRIES.The most popular language in the world is English. More than 750 million people in the world speak English. Nowadays it is a world language. It is spoken as the mother-tongue in Great Britain, the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the official name of the state where English is the state language. It is situated on the British Isles. The country is divided into four parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The capital of the state is London. It is the biggest city in the country. The UK is a Parliamentary Monarchy. The Queen (Elizabeth II) is the Head of the state. She reigns, but she doesn’t rule. She is only the symbol of the country. The Parliament has Legislative and Executive Power. There a lot of places of interest in Great Britain: The Houses of Parliament, The Tower, Big Ben in London, The Stonehenge are well-known all over the world.
Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. It is situated in the north part of Northern America. Canada is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. It borders on the USA. The population of the country is about 31 million people. The territory of the country includes a lot of islands. Canada is rich in forests and mineral resources. It is a great industrial country. The capital of Canada is Ottawa which is famous for its beautiful parks. There are two official languages in Canada. They are English and French.
I’ve been neither to the UK nor to Canada. But I know a lot about these countries and their places of interest as I learn English at school. So, I would like to visit the UK and Canada and to see everything myself.
AN OUTSTANDING PERSON.Most people think that being famous is very attractive. But they don’t always realize all disadvantages of it. They just see the enjoyable things about being a star or the financial benefits and ignore the problems that go along with it – things like having photographers around you wherever you go, and journalists writing things about you in newspapers that may be completely untrue. With such pressure it’s difficult to keep up relations with family and friends. Once you’ve become famous, you can’t go back.
As for famous people I would like to tell a few words about Diana, Princess of Wales, the former wife of Prince Charles and the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. She was originally called Lady Diana Spencer and she married Prince Charles in 1981. But in 1996 they divorced. She was known not only as one of the most fashionable and elegant ladies of Britain but also as a caring person who worked actively for many different charity organizations, especially those which supported people with AIDS. In 1997 she started a romantic relationship with the businessman Dodi al-Fayed, and they were both killed in a car crash in Paris being followed by paparazzi. Her death was one of the biggest news stories of the 1990s, and people all over the world were affected by it. Even now every day millions of people bring flowers to the palace she lived in London and the tunnel she died in Paris.
When we speak about outstanding people of Russian culture, we can’t but speak about opera and ballet, music, fine arts, literature and cinema.
As for the ballet, the Russian school of ballet is known for its well-trained and beautiful dancers, such as Anna Pavlova, Maya Plisetskaya and Rudolf Nuriev.
Russian opera is well-known, too. Such masterpieces as «Ivan Susanin» and «Ruslan and Ludmila» by Glinka are in the collection of the best operas of the world.
Everybody can enjoy the great works of icon-panters Feofan Greek and Andrei Rublev.
Russian literature is known as an example of good style. Since the first printing-house if Ivan Fyodorov began to work we can’t imagine our life without books. Such Russian writers as Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Turgenev are well-known all over the world. Their books were translated into lots of languages.
Russian scientists, poets, producers and architects are also famous.
Russian achievements in sport are great as well. Our sportsmen take part in different competitions and win a lot of medals.
As for me, I think being famous is not easy. You don’t have private life and become a public person. You don’t have an opportunity to choose what you want. You do what you have to do. It’s difficult and I wouldn’t like to live such life.

SPORTS.There is nothing more important than health. “Health is above wealth”, wise people say, because you can’t be good at your studies or work if you don’t take care of your health. It goes without saying that sport helps people to keep fit, to be healthy and strong, to develop physically and it makes them more organized and better disciplined in their daily activities.
We all need to exercise. Even if we don’t plan to make a career in sport we have to practice. Regular exercises give people more energy. Sport builds character, it makes us strong. It helps to meet new people and to make friends with them. Sport teaches us to win and to lose. And, of course, those people who go in for different kinds of sport are in good shape.
Sport is very important in our life. Teenagers take part in a great number of sport events. They include indoor and outdoor activities such as football, volleyball, athletics, cheerleading and others. Every school has sport teams and they compete with each other.
Nowadays there are large sports centers which have excellent facilities for sport and fitness. Though they are not free and people have to pay, children and grown-ups attend them regularly.
A lot of people like watching sports competitions on TV or at the stadium, listening to sports news or reading about them in newspapers.
There are winter and summer kinds of sports. The winter sports are: hockey, skating, skiing, mountain skiing, snowboarding and others. The most popular summer sports are swimming, rowing and mountain climbing. There are different sports clubs in Russia. Team games and individual sports develop responsibility and cooperation. People who go in for sports are able to stand up difficulties.
As for me, I like sports. I go in for swimming and sport dancing. I have regular lessons twice a week. I also like mountain skiing, but it is my hobby. My family and I spend winter holidays at different ski resorts. I’ve visited a lot of countries.
TV IN OUR LIFE.In their leisure time people usually do what they really want to do: to relax, to get pleasure and to be happy and pleased. Some people are passive. They like to spend their free time sitting in front of TV screen.
Watching television is very popular form of entertainment. It is the most important part of mass media. It informs, educates and entertains people. It influences the way people look at the world and makes them change their views. There are a lot of channels-state and private. They show different programs: the news, chat shows, soap operas, films and documentaries. The variety of modern TV channels and TV programs satisfies all tastes.
Television satisfies the interests of people: movies, theatre, music, news and sport. Unfortunately, most people participate in sports mainly as couch potatoes (sitting in comfortable chairs, watching games on TV).
Television has become an important source of information. Many programs keep people informed of current events in politics, sports, economics and so on. Besides news programs, you can watch a lot of entertainment. They let people relax, help to forget about problems at work.
Evening TV entertainment consists of situation comedies which portray some aspects of life in a humorous way. There also adventure shows, dramas and various weekly shows which people watch regularly. There are so many different programs and films that everyone can make a choice himself.
As for me, I always watch news on TV. I also prefer watching films on TV. I watch them in the evening when I have free time. My family and I like to discuss characters and plots of films after watching them.

MASS MEDIA.We live at the time when nothing is as important as information. People can get information fast thanks to modern technology and mass media. Information is what we need to survive tomorrow.
The press is very important part of mass media. The main aim of the press is keeping people informed on all informed on all topical issues of the day. Newspapers and magazines are the oldest source of information. Now we have a wide range of magazines and journals about computers, cars, fashion, cooking, fishing or Arts. Newspapers can be of three main types: quality, tabloids and local. The quality British newspapers are “The Times”, “The Independent”, “The Daily Telegraph”. The “popular” or “tabloids” newspapers are “The Mirror” and “The Daily Star”. There are Russian national daily newspapers such as the “Izvestiya”, the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and others. Most national newspapers express a political opinion, and people choose them according to their political beliefs. Editors, reporters and photographers do their paper successful.
The internet has become the revolution in technologies. As for advantages of using the Internet, one of them is that you can get a lot of interesting and useful information from it. Moreover, users can buy books, find out about holiday offers, book tickets and so on. However, there are a lot of disadvantages of it. Hackers can get into the computers of banks and governments.
TV is the most important part of mass media. It informs, educates and entertains people. It influences the way people look at the world and makes them change their views. There are a lot of channels-state and private. They show different programs: the news, chat shows, soap operas, films and documentaries. The variety of modern TV channels and TV programs satisfies all tastes.
Radio is a convenient source of both information and entertainment. Nowadays it is mostly the source of music. Many people listen to it in the cars or in MP3-players.
So, we can’t imagine our life without mass media.
SHOPPING.We live in consumer society. The streets of our cities are full of advertisements offering to buy a new product of a famous brand. Our TV programs are interrupted by hours of commercials advertising new super shops, washing powder and food, and we are ready to spend big sums of money to look more fashionable, to have a better house or to eat tastier meals. To tell the truth, shopping has become a part of our lifestyle, a hobby or even an addiction.
There are a lot of types of shops. If you want to buy meat, you go to a butcher’s. if you want to buy bread, you visit a bakery. If you want to buy fruit or vegetables you go to a greengrocer’s. If you need not only food but some cleaning materials as well you choose a supermarket. All items are wrapped and conveniently displayed on special shelves or kept in refrigerators. You can walk among the rows with a shopping basket or a trolley, choosing things. You can take and study them, put them back and take again later. Finally, you have to pay at the cashier’s desk.
A lot of people don’t like shopping. Crowds of people, long queues, walking from shop to shop, trying on different clothes is tiring for them. The situation has greatly changed with the establishing of huge shopping centers or shopping malls. Shopping has become the sort of education for the whole family. Numerous departments with clothes, shoes, perfume, furniture toys and other necessary things, restaurants and cafes, cinemas and discos, children’s playgrounds and sports centers provide a family week-end under one roof for all tastes and wallets.
Speaking about shopping, which some people call a waste of time and money, we need to say about money itself. You can pay either cash or by credit card. Sometimes you may be offered a discount. If you want to return something which you have bought in a shop, you may be given a refund if you have a receipt.
As for me, I can’t say that I like shopping but I go shopping practically every week-end. As a rule, my parents and I go to shopping malls. We buy food there. Sometimes we go to the cinema or visit some clothes shops.
SAINT-PETERSBURG.Every person who really loves his native city believes that it is the best. Saint-Petersburg is the most famous and beautiful city in Russia. It has population about 5 million people and is situated in the north-west of Russia being an important center of culture, science, industry and even politics.
St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 on Zajachiy Island by Peter the First and was the capital of Russia for more than 200 years. All Russian emperors after Peter the Great lived there.
The city lies on 42 islands and is often called Northern Venice. 363 bridges cross the rivers and canals. During the period from May to November all the bridges raise high over the Neva and lets ships pass up and down the river. Especially our city is magnificent in June during the period known as White Nights. Visitors admire our straight and broad streets, large squares, impressive architectural ensembles and granite embankments.
Our city is also called the city of museums for it has about 50 historical, art and memorial museums. The most famous ones are the Hermitage and the State Russian Museum with its outstanding collection of Russian art.
The best way to explore the city is on foot. Famous sights include Nevsky prospect, Palace Square, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Admiralty, the Bronze Horseman and many others. There are a lot of historical suburbs around St. Petersburg which are famous for their palaces and parks such as Tsarskoe Selo, Petrodvorets and Pavlovsk.
Our city is also known for its popular culture, music, clubs and visual arts. Everyone can find entertainment according to his interests in our city.
As for me, I have lived in St. Petersburg since my birth. My favorite place in the city is the embankment near Finland Railway Station. It’s a beautiful place where we usually walk with my friends. We like to cross the Neva over Liteiny bridge and walk to Zajachiy Island to Peter and Paul’s Fortress. I like my native city very much.

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