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Level 1
English Grammar Course
• modal verbs
© Michael Swan and Catherine Walter
Modal verbs – forms. Make questions (?) or negatives (–). Where possible, use contracted forms
must not
Ben can’t drive. (
ride a bicycle
Can he ride a bicycle?
Samantha should phone her parents. (
do it now
She shouldn’t do it now.
You can park your car here. (you / leave it by the trac lights
The children can play games on my computer. (
watch TV
Marianne has to make lunch. (
make supper
Iris will have to go to the bus stop at 6 o’clock. (
she / wait a long time for a bus
You must use sun cream. (
I / wear a hat
You must arrive on time. (
be / late
You should take more exercise. (
you / smoke
When she was ten months old she could walk. (
have to
don’t have to
the correct form.
Does she has to
Does she must
teach small children in her new job?
has to go
musts go
must to go
When we were at school, we were
have to do
had to do
musted do
homework every night.
You must leave
Do you must leave
Must you leave
now? It’s so early!
didn’t must pay / didn’t have to pay
not have to pay
for the bus when we were children. It was free.
Everyone in the oce
will have to do / will must do /
will must to do
a computer course.
You’ll mustn’t to wait
You won’t have to wait
You won’t must wait
for a bus at the station. I’ll drive you home.
don’t have to eat
mustn’t have to eat
mustn’t eat
in the library.
don’t have to pay
mustn’t have to pay
mustn’t pay
me now. You can wait until next week.
need help. I’ll ask her.
may not
be at home. They went on holiday yesterday.
want to go home now. I’ll ask them.
The baby’s crying.
May she
be hungry?
‘Does Cathy drive?’
‘I’m not sure. She
might not
be seventeen.’
be old enough to drive! You look too young.
or wrong (
Can I have some more tea, please?
Could I have some more tea, please?
Could you possibly move your suitcase?
Can I see the menu, please?
Could you move your suitcase?

Would I see the menu, please?
Could possibly you move your suitcase?

May I see the menu, please?
Could you like another sandwich?
Would you like another sandwich?

Do you want another sandwich?

English Grammar Course
• modal verbs
Level 1
English Grammar Course
• modal verbs
© Michael Swan and Catherine Walter
be able to
. These sentences are all wrong. Correct the mistakes.
I could
climb trees when I was a boy, but I can’t climb them now.
I could climb
Did Sally could walk when she was one year old?
Are you be able to come to my party tomorrow afternoon?
I could’nt nish my lunch because I was so full.
This pizza is so large I will be not able to nish it.
I want to can drive next year.
Used to
. Circle
the correct forms.
didn’t use to speak / didn’t used to
any languages except English, but now she speaks Spanish.
use to go / used to go
to work by bus, but now he goes by bicycle.
watch / use to watch
a lot of lms on TV but I don’t go to the cinema much.
Did your brother
use to play / used to play
hockey for his school?
Most people
used not have / didn’t have
cars when my grandfather was a boy.
Mixed structures. Which sentence means the same? Circle
A or B.
Shall I
clean your shoes?
Am I going to clean your shoes?
Would you like me to clean your shoes?
Shall we
leave the car here?
Are we going to leave the car here?
Is it a good idea to leave the car here?
Would you
like to
play chess?
Do you want to play chess?
Do you like playing chess?
learn to swim if you want to go sailing.
You must learn to swim: it’s a rule.
It would be good to learn to swim.
don’t have to
pay me today.
It isn’t necessary for you to pay me today.
You mustn’t pay me today.
may not
speak during the test.
It’s possible you won’t speak during the test.
It isn’t OK for you to speak during the test.
may not
come to my party. He has to work late.
I don’t want Harry to come to my party.
Perhaps Harry isn’t coming to my party.
smoke in cars.
It’s not good for people to smoke in cars.
People must never smoke in cars.

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