Text bank to Unit 8

Learn to listen and let go
1.e. 2.d. 3.a. 4.c. 5.b.
Computer support stuff at BZW
Users of computer support service
Senior managers of BZW
Bryan Hotson, MD of ITS&S
Harley Young, a Henley-Based management communication specialist
Harley`s wife
Former actor
Organizers of courses
Participants of courses
BZW team

Unpleasant feedback/impressed
Antagonistic culture
Team spirit
Hard driving and down-to-earth individuals
Bare your soul and exposing your feelings
A.2. b.1. c.2. d.3. e.1. f.3.
1.c. 2.d. 3.b. 4.a. 5.f. 6.e.

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