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Situation 1:

Mrs. Dias is asking Steven about his classmates.

1. Koko is _______.

in the library

in class

at work

at home

Situation 2:

John is asking Alicia about her free time.

2. On Saturdays, Alicia _______.

relaxes at home

goes out with her best friend

goes to the movies

teaches a class

Situation 3:

Ichiro and Kim are talking on the phone.

3. Ichiro and Kim _______.

don’t like to shop

can go shopping on Saturday

can go to the city today


shopping yesterday

Situation 4:

Hannah and Miguel are talking about their habits.

4. Hannah _______.

exercises once a week

is going to start eating junk food

wants to go swimming with Miguel

isn’t exercising right now

5. Hannah and Miguel _______.

are g
oing to join a gym

like to work out

are going to the pool next week

Situation 5:

Bob is telling Ellen about his day.

6. Bob was late for his exam this morning because _______.


bus was late

he was studying for the exam

7. Ellen thinks _______.

Bob might not fail the exam

Bob’s professor will definitely pass him

Bob can’t fail the exam

Bob will fail the exam

Situation 6:

Maria is talking to Leo on her cell phone about a trip.

8. Maria _______.

has started making plans to travel to Nepal

would like to climb Mount Everest

has never been to Nepal before

has never traveled with her brother before

9. Maria says Mount Everest
is the highest mountain in the world and _______.

the most difficult mountain to climb

the most beautiful view in the world

the most popular mountain to see

the coldest place in Nepal

Situation 7:

Denise is helping Ivan with his new printer.

10. Ivan does
n’t know _______.

where to plug in his printer

how to hook up his printer

which button turns his printer off

how to turn on his printer

11. Ivan thinks the price of his printer might be _______.





12. Ivan has been
earning money from his photography _______.

for about a year

since high school

for a very long time

since last weekend

Situation 8:

Jack and Louisa are talking about Louisa’s experience in another country.

13. Louisa traveled abroad for the first time ___

a few years ago

before she turned 16

after she turned 16

when she turned 16

14. In Peru, Louisa’s mistake was _______.

handing the flowers to her friend’s mother and not to her friend

arriving late at her friend’s house

knocking on the door of her f
riend’s house

choosing the wrong color of flowers

15. Louisa says, "You’re not supposed to do it." She means that people _______.

will never do it

don’t have to do it

shouldn’t do it

don’t intend to do it

16. Louisa got sent to Lima _______.


go to school

to make friends

to learn about Peruvian customs

to start a language school

Situation 9:

Paco is asking Ling for some career advice.

17. Paco is worried because _______.

he’s not sure he wants to be a lawyer

his parents are disappointed in hi

it will be difficult to find a job

Ling isn’t doing what she wants to do

18. Paco just graduated with a degree in _______.




software design

19. Paco really wants to _______.

make his parents happy


a job soon

quit school

be disappointed

become a lawyer

make his parents happy

become a teacher

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